TRITEC Group, based in Basel Switzerland, is a leading solar PV firm with operations in more than 15 European countries, South Africa, Chile, Brazil and North America. TRITEC has three major lines of business operations; Solar PV product distribution, specialty PV product manufacturing and a PV project development, integration and finance division. TRITEC Groups solar distribution division supplies solar PV products to over 5,000 solar installation companies worldwide. TRITEC Group also designs, engineers and manufactures proprietary solar PV products, specifically the TRI-KA IV Curve Tracer and the TRI-STAND solar mounting system.


In addition to its solar products and distribution divisions, TRITEC is also one of the leading solar PV development, finance and installation firms in Europe. TRITEC Group has developed and installed over 550 megawatts of total installed capacity throughout Europe and South America. The solar projects that TRITEC has completed include government buildings, commercial office parks, multi-family residential developments and a national soccer stadium, among many other project types. Most recently, TRITEC Group was awarded the largest solar PV project ever developed in Switzerland, a 5.2 MW solar system on the roof of the distribution center for Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG, a multi-national food and textile logistics conglomerate. This latest achievement reinforces and illustrates the quality workmanship, precise engineering and international recognition and respect TRITEC Group has earned in the industry.