TRITEC Americas

TRITEC Americas, based in San Diego, California is the North American affiliate of TRITEC Group AG, a global solar services company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. TRITEC Americas brings the unparalleled expertise, professionalism, experience and integrity exhibited by TRITEC Group throughout its 28 years of excellence in the solar industry, to the U.S. and throughout the Americas.


TRITEC Americas is the leading provider of solar PV project financing and development services for the Commercial solar market. Through its PowerNow™ Commercial Solar Finance Program, TRITEC Americas develops, finances, owns and operates photovoltaic solar systems, which generates clean, predictable, affordable, renewable energy for its customers. The residential, large commercial and utility scale solar markets have enjoyed tremendous growth over the past several years, as a result of increased access to competitive financing sources and options. However, the Commercial solar market, which has the potential to become the largest solar market segment, has not grown nearly as quickly, as a truly viable financing option for these projects had not been readily available – until now. TRITEC Americas’ PowerNow™ Commercial Solar Finance Program allows business owners, non-profit organizations, places of worship, HOA’s, schools, government agencies and others to install a PV system on their property and generate clean, renewable solar energy without the upfront costs.


In addition to its PowerNow™ Commercial Solar Finance Program, TRITEC Americas markets and sells the industry’s leading solar PV testing and analysis tool, the TRITEC TRI-KA IV Curve Tracer. The TRI-KA has been sold very successfully throughout Europe over the past 10 years. In January, 2013, TRITEC began marketing the TRI-KA in the U.S., with the nation’s top solar EPC’s, O&M providers, module manufacturers, inverter manufacturers and solar contractors becoming loyal and repeat customers.


TRITEC Americas has also brought TRITEC Group’s innovative solar racking system, TRI-STAND, to the North American market. TRITEC has been manufacturing and distributing the TRI-STAND product line throughout Europe for the past 15 years, with hundreds of megawatts deployed in a wide range of project types from small residential systems to large solar farms. The proprietary TRI-STAND products are engineered for both pitched roof and flat roof systems and are certified to UL2703 standards.